Making great drinks at home is fun, cheaper than going out, and easier than you might think. I’ve distilled twenty years of home-bartending experience along with the advice of some of the country’s best professional bartenders to create my book Home Bar Basics (and Not-So-Basics),” a pocket-sized Cocktails 101 guide. This companion website expands beyond the content of the book with additional recipes and tips, instructional videos, product reviews, and more.

In this section, I’ll cover The Basics: twelve drinks that form the core of a home bar menu. Master these and you’ll be ready for the more advanced recipes in The Not-So-Basics.


Old Fashioned Daiquiri Negroni
Mint Julep Cuba Libre (Preparado) Sidecar
Sazerac Tom Collins Margarita
Manhattan Martini Rusty Nail