Scotland (mid-17th century)

There’s a tradition passed down from generation to generation, from the Old Country to the New World, of Hot Toddies in the winter months to cure whatever ails may (or may not) be present. Jimmy Russell, veteran master distiller at Wild Turkey, recently told me when he and his friends were growing up in Kentucky, they learned to fake a cough so they could get in a little nip of bourbon at age eight.

The Hot Toddy is traditionally made with a good-quality single malt Speyside or Highland Scotch whisky, but feel free to sub in bourbon, rye, an aged or dark rum, brandy or cognac. But really, Scotch works best. Old-school and as simple as they come: spirit served warm with dilution, something sweet, and a touch of citrus brightness. It’s easy think of this drink as a template and experiment with dressing it up – try different sweeteners (honey is common), a splash of lemon juice, even a mix of different spirits. You’ll be feeling better in no time.


Hardware: Jigger, Plastic measuring cup
Glassware: Ceramic or glass mug
Spirit: Scotch whisky (recommended: The Macallan, The Glenlivet, Glenmorangie, Dalmore, Oban, Glen Garioch)
Mixers & Liqueurs: Demerara sugar, Boiling water
Juices, Accents, & Garnishes: Lemon twist


Pre-warm a ceramic or glass mug with boiling water while you’re assembling the ingredients. Discard the water, then combine in the mug:
1 tsp demerara sugar
1/4 cup boiling water  (use the plastic measuring cup)
1 lemon twist 

Stir to dissolve sugar, then add:

2 oz Scotch whisky

Stir again to blend.

2 Responses to HOT TODDY

  1. Oliver says:

    Any particular Macallan product you can recommend for this?

  2. Dave Stolte says:

    Anything spendier than the 12 is a waste 🙂

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