This section covers The Not-So-Basics: additional drinks beyond The Basics, some from the book, others beyond the book. Drink recipes will be shared at random intervals with detailed written steps. Also covered under The Not-So-Basics are advanced tips, techniques, and ingredients.


Americano The Final Ward Navy Grog Southern Exposure
Aviation Hardly Wallbanger Nui Nui Vienna by Train
Bijou Highballs La Otra Palabra Whiskey Barrel Punch
Bloody Mary Hot Buttered Rum Palmetto Whiskey Sour
Brandy Milk Punch Hot Toddy La Paloma White Russian
Caipirinha Improved Genever Cocktail Penicillin Wild-Eyed Rose
Corn ‘n’ Oil Irish Coffee Pimm’s Cup Wordsmith
Corpse Reviver #2 Jack Rose Planter’s Punch Zombie
Cosmopolitan The Last Word Ramos Gin Fizz    20th Century
Detroiter Mai Tai Rattlesnake
El Diablo Martinez Rum Crawl
Egg Nog Mojito Sangrita